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SpeakTrain Services is a division of Life Management International Consultants – a human resource and management consulting firm which serves both the private and public sectors. We have over 35 years of experience providing services to organizations internationally. We provide speaking and training services. We conduct workshops, seminars, keynotes, coaching and human capital consulting that empowers people to be happily successful at what they do.

Our Beliefs and Operational Philosophy

We believe in putting our customers first. Integrity, confidentiality, speed, flexibility, performance, customization and a customer-centered focus are the values that Life Management International Consultants was founded on and have a strong reputation for.

Our strong relationships with our clients allow us to listen to their requirements and provide cost effective, efficient, speedy and quality solutions. In this global marketplace, consulting companies must demonstrate that they can fully satisfy their clients by providing a broad mix of complementary, premium quality services, on time and on budget. We do that very well.

What We Do

Our primary focus is on people.

We help individuals and teams to find creative processes and solutions so that they can continue to learn and grow, to perform better and produce more, and to change their lives for the better. We empower them to enjoy being effective and successful.

Our work involves:

  • Providing leadership development;
  • Synchronizing groups into highly performing teams;
  • Designing and delivering focused, inspirational and educational keynote presentations;
  • Developing and implementing solution-oriented seminars and workshops;
  • Influencing staff to buy into the vision and mission of their organization;
  • Counseling individuals and groups to be creative and more forward-looking; and,
  • Mentoring and coaching agency and business leaders for strategic success.

We provide workshops, in-house training, seminars, coaching for executives, and keynote addresses.

As a small, minority owned business, our strength is that we bring a high level of flexibility, diversity and technical capability to each project. We are known internationally for our expertise in:

  • Investigating and analyzing on-the-job problems and then providing effective solutions for human resource issues and concerns;
  • Educating, coaching, mentoring and supporting executives, managers and supervisors;
  • Inspiring, empowering, motivating and educating staff on how to reduce stress and embrace change while enhancing their performance and productivity levels;
  • Assisting teams with a creative problem solving process;
  • Delivering quality management and leadership services;
  • Assisting organizations in managing their change processes; and,
  • Helping organizations to develop and operationalize their strategic initiatives.

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