Crucial Delegation

This course helps leaders at all levels improve their delegation skills so that the principal operations of the organization gets done.

The objectives of this workshop are to help leaders:

  • Understand SMARTER delegation principles
  • Understand the positive impact that effective delegation can have on the individual, the organization and the people within the organization
  • Understand the importance of clear communication
  • Understand the critical importance of constant feedback
  • Learn a step-by-step process that enhances delegation skills and creates opportunities for delegation efforts to succeed
  • Understand what, when, how and what-not and when-not to delegate
  • Learn how to identify the right people to delegate to
  • Identify the level of delegation that each participant is comfortable with
  • Understand how to determine what the person doing the task needs, so they can deliver the results you expect
  • Learn how to hold effective delegation meetings.
  • Practice delegating (within the workshop).
  • Learn how to conduct the needed follow-up to stay on top of the person’s progress.