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Dr. Marcus Mottley

Dr. Marcus M. Mottley

Marcus Mottley is a motivational, inspirational and entertaining speaker who delivers keynotes and seminars that are designed to empower and inspire individuals to perform better and produce more.

Dr. Mottley presents uplifting keynotes, seminars and workshops at conferences, training seminars, management workshops for professional associations, corporations, small businesses, government organizations and community organizations.

Dr. Mottley is the author of Ask, Seek, Knock! which describes how organizations and individuals can use critical questions to strategically achieve their mission and goals.

Participants in Dr. Mottley’s seminars have credited him with helping them to communicate more effectively, lessening their levels of stress while renewing themselves, and responding to the changes and challenges of today’s business world with more flexibility and poise.


Speaking Topics


Ask, Seek, Knock!

This presentation will help the audience participants to examine their lives through the power of questions. The proper use of questions demands that we become conscious and aware of where we are on our personal vision and mission, what we are not doing that we should be, how we fit into the scheme of things, and how we think and feel about our values, spirituality and personal activities. Questions force us to confront and face ourselves. In this keynote, participants learn How to Ask, What to Seek, and Where and When to Knock.

The strategies and techniques in this presentation will propel audiences to think freely, illuminate their lives and empower them to act positively, persistently and purposefully. Key strategies are also outlined on how managers can ensure that their organization’s vision and mission are achieved.

This presentation is based on Dr. Mottley’s book Ask, Seek, Knock! which has received a five star average rating at Amazon. In Ask, Seek, Knock, he explains how to use the power of questions to solve problems and creatively change lives.


Change Your Life & Keep The Positive Changes!

In this keynote/seminar Dr. Mottley engages the audience in a thought provoking and challenging presentation.

Participants will: Explore how to survive and thrive in times of change; Develop a change-ready mindset, attitude and value system; Become change-skilled; Get out (and stay out) of their comfort zones; and, Embrace change with greater flexibility, balance and harmony.

In this presentation, Dr. Mottley utilizes powerful metaphors, personal and uplifting stories, and deep insights into life – so that participants at association and business meetings, conferences and seminars can experience deep personal shifts in their lives and take ‘more control’ over the present – as they move towards a future that they will help to create.


Less Stress – More Success!

In this keynote, participants learn how to: Prevent stress from doing deep emotional and physical harm; Reduce – or manage stress and protect and build personal resiliency; and, Prevent burnout! They will examine their personal beliefs about what is meaningful, purposeful and important. They will learn the importance of ‘doing less so that they can accomplish more!’

The goal of this keynote is for the audience to learn how to relax, refocus, and rejuvenate while experiencing a life with Less Stress – and More Success!

Participants at management, association or business meetings, conferences or seminars will feel refreshed, renewed, revitalized and re-energized after this presentation.


Are You Cold Within?

This presentation takes the audience beyond diversity and towards becoming cultural competent. Dr. Mottley will explore with participants the huge impact that the “globalization of people” is having on businesses, communities, families and individuals.

This keynote will have attendees and participants looking at their internal feelings, positions and perspectives on this very timely and important subject. They will explore the ‘isms’, prejudices, biases, and the many different aspects of discrimination. They will examine the risks and benefits of becoming culturally competent and will be encouraged to make a personal commitment to embrace diversity.

Dr. Mottley will share strategies and techniques on how to communicate across cultures and how each person can reduce the tension that is linked to the growing diversity problems in the workplace.


Heal the Hurt in Your Heart!

This is a powerful, moving, deeply healing and inspirational presentation. Some people have experienced unexpected relief from past emotional wounds.

Dr. Mottley, demonstrates how past hurts and trauma prevent us from being at our best at work and at home. He paints a clear picture for his audience on the many ways that unhealed wounds negatively impact our performance, productivity and decision-making. These unhealed wounds show up in our conversations, sales efforts and communications with customers, clients and colleagues.

Dr. Mottley uses short stories and metaphors that often lead to dramatic therapeutic results during and after listening to any one of his keynotes.

In this keynote, he takes the audience on a journey of healing – leading them through internal exercises – that provide positive shifts in both cognitive and emotive internal responses. Often, these shifts lead to exciting results in the external lives and realities of individuals on the job and at home.

You can expect a deeply moving and therapeutic experience from this healing and inspirational presentation!

Who is Marcus Mottley?

1. Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology;

2. Member of Toastmasters & The American Seminar Leaders Association;

3. Three-time winner (2002, 2004 & 2005) of Toastmasters International Public Speaking Contest for District 36 (Washington, DC & Maryland – representing over 160 Toastmasters’ Clubs)!

4. Certified Training Manager: He has conducted over 700 workshops with managers, educators, psychologists, social workers, administrators, parents, students, and court officials;

5. Certified in a variety of therapeutic disciplines including Clinical Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Addictions, & Brief Strategic Therapy;

6. Extensive experience in management, marketing, counseling, drug prevention and treatment, education and training;

7. Yoga, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, meditation and martial arts experience;

8. With an Afro-Caribbean heritage, he brings a strong cross-cultural flavor and down-to-earth gift for storytelling, poetry and drama.


What you get:

The wisdom of experience: Dr. Mottley has worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups on maximizing performance, reducing stress, managing anger & other difficult emotions, recovering from addictions, resolving team conflicts, transforming and motivating themselves, boosting team performance, and managing and embracing change.

How you will benefit:

His presentations are guaranteed to inspire, motivate, educate, move to action, and produce rapid and lasting results. Participants will leave with key information and learn new skills and methods on how to change their own lives into the future.

What others have said:

  • “Dr. Mottley is an incisive, interesting and engaging seminar leader. His classes are well attended by various levels of court staff and his programs are consistently rated at the highest level by participants.” Ellen Marshall, Director of the Center for Education and Training, District Courts
  • “Our managers have confirmed that staff returned to work ‘fired-up’!” Cynthia G. Simon, Executive Director, Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association
  • “Your Anger Management session was rated 4.45 out of 5… — a tribute to your skill & knowledge… participants felt that the information was useful and relevant…” Jestina L.Richardson, President, Black Administrators in Child Welfare.
  • “Lived up to your eminent reputation of delivering an important subject in a most convincing and entertaining way.” Sherry Carson, Conference Coordinator, Institute for Continuing Judicial Education.

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