Coaching within Organizations


Coaching is an individualized, goal oriented process designed to enable individuals, groups and organizations to increase and expand their effectiveness. Coaching is used by blue-chip companies and multinational organizations to enable staff to reach their full potential.

To help individuals achieve their goals, and assist organizations fulfill their vision and mission, SpeakTrain offers:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a highly personalized, one-on-one process. It is especially suited for professionals who wish to increase their expertise and/or strengthen their skills to improve overall performance. Executive Coaching will enhance your ability to handle stressful, challenging, competitive and very complex environments.

Coaching works because it is personal, intensive, “stretches” the individual, and builds upon and refines an individual’s existing skills, knowledge and talents.

Executive Coaching offered SpeakTrain is for senior professionals and executives who are in search of an objective sounding board to discuss challenges, opportunities, and threats.

Through this coaching experience with us, you will enhance your organizational performance and communication skills, and increase your value through ‘walking the talk’. You will increase your ability to deal with difficult people and situations.

“It is lonely at the top!” Studies have consistently revealed that executives who have strong social support are calmer, make better decisions, and are less stressed and more productive. There are many reasons why an executive might prefer an independent and supportive coach from outside of his/her organization. SpeakTrain Coaches may also serve as informal mentors.

Because the coaching provided by SpeakTrain Professionals takes place under strict ethical guidelines and rules of confidentiality, executives are comfortable in discussing the kinds of personal and professional challenges, feelings, doubts, questions and concerns that they would hesitate to process or talk about with anyone on the job.

Under the Executive Coaching portfolio, SpeakTrain also offers three sub-specialties:


Coaching for Key Executives

This is for to senior executives and managers of key departments to address issues such as understanding their current challenges and developing effective solutions, evaluating and responding to under-performing staff and teams, assessing their own personal strengths and areas where growth is needed, finding and securing executive mentors and advisors to address technical, political and socio-cultural challenges, and developing the capacity to communicate effectively, inspirationally and persuasively.


Professional Development Coaching

Professional Development Coaching is for individuals who aspire to, and show promise of growing from where they are currently to increased management and leadership responsibilities. This type of coaching is done at all levels of the organization.


Career Development/Transition Coaching

Career Development/Transition Coaching is for professionals, executives and others who recognize that they are ready to transition to other career positions. Career coaching helps individuals utilize their strengths, to determine where they need to develop, and to identify and implement a course of action.


Benefits of Executive Coaching

Clients report that coaching positively impacted their careers as well as their lives by helping them to:

  • Get invigorated, renewed and re-energized about their career and about life.
  • Communicate more effectively whether with individuals or giving presentations to large groups.
  • Establish a personal vision and set goals which will stretch and challenge them.
  • Improve leadership and people skills.
  • Perform at a level beyond what they may have thought possible.
  • Expand their awareness of how they are being perceived by others.
  • Alter outdated habits and capabilities to meet new and future circumstances and challenges.
  • Alter their mental model, frame of reference, assumptions, and theories of action toward getting the results they want.
  • Become more self-reliant, self-sufficient and resilient.
  • Gain the respect of supervisors, colleagues, customers and the people they supervise.
  • Stay focused despite unexpected crises, and demonstrate self-control in highly emotional situations.
  • Develop skills to manage high stress environments and respond in more healthy ways to stress.
  • Rebound quickly from setbacks and mistakes.
  • Contribute more effectively to their teams.
  • Gain more job and life satisfaction.
  • Improve problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Receive feedback and criticism without taking it personally.
  • Take greater responsibility and be more accountable for actions and commitments.
  • Enhance professional image.
  • Develop new skills and knowledge areas to enhance competence, productivity, visibility and marketability .
  • Work more easily and productively with others while developing and strengthening key relationships.

Organizational Coaching

Organizations employ SpeakTrain Coaches to align teams and to promote buy-in among staff, to develop leaders at all levels, and to ensure that their corporate vision and mission are not only kept alive but operationalized into success.

SpeakTrain Organizational Coaching is distinguished from personal coaching by its heavy emphasis on organizational change and actualizing the vision with focused actions. In this role we work primarily with senior leaders in supporting them to build the organization, increase performance, and develop new ways of working, thinking and achieving organizational goals.

Here are some ways in which SpeakTrain Professionals may serve your organization:

  • We may serve as a confidential private thought-partner in the planning of upcoming conversations and meetings, reviewing meeting objectives and outcomes, exploring relationships with participants and discussing how to build them, discussing key communication messages and strategizing on priorities.
  • We can sit in on key meetings, providing advice as appropriate during the meetings, also bringing insights from meetings to discuss afterwards (e.g. on group dynamics, influencing and building specific relationships, lessons learned to be applied to future meetings, identification of high-priority follow-up actions to take with participants and other stakeholders, ideas about materials to develop for future conversations).
  • We will give suggestions on an ongoing basis about specific actions that can be taken. These may include transcending the details, examining priorities from a higher level, exploring key “levers” that will best impact results, and creating a flexible, focused “roadmap for change.”
  • Based upon a view of inter and intra-group dynamics, we provide advice to clarify accountabilities, interrelationships of accountabilities, decision-making processes (e.g., interplay between leaders, design teams, advisory groups).
  • As your team develops, we advise other key leaders in clarifying and carrying out their roles to achieve established objectives. We will investigate and assist with finding solutions for conflicts between and among individuals and teams.
  • We will assess individual strengths and development needs against competency requirements for the purpose of individual coaching and development so that the organization can build leaders at all levels.
  • We recommend ways to improve group and inter-group effectiveness, coaching your team as a whole in building its skills and capabilities to be a “high performing team.”
  • As you require, we will serve as an objective communications and information gathering “liaison” by meeting with key players and partners to conduct interviews, provide advice, and support the organization in achieving its mission and strategic plans.


The Expertise of Our Coaches

Our coaches utilize their skills and knowledge in the areas of psychology, hypnosis, financial management, educational administration, neuro-linguistic programming, change theory, management and supervision, organizational development, transformational leadership, interpersonal communication and public speaking to help individuals transform themselves for ultimate success.


How Our Personalized Coaching Programs Work

  • A free, 30 minute introductory session to find out if this is a good fit for the Client and the Coach.
  • If the coaching is occurring within an organizational context, the Coach will be oriented to the organization’s needs, vision and strategic priorities so that there will be a foundational basis to assist the Client.
  • The Coach and the Client discuss client goals, objectives, needs and desired outcomes along with success markers.
  • The Coach and Client work one-on-one during focused, high-impact online, in-person and/or telephone sessions.
  • Coaching sessions are synchronous, and are typically conducted three or four sessions per month in thirty minute or one hour periods. Coaching sessions are contracted for 4 months, 6 months or one year.
  • The Coach and Client examine behavior models, capture key action steps, track progress, and highlight key insights – all within confidential personal and virtual interactions.
  • The Client gets unlimited Coach-on-Call (Unlimited emails or short time-limited focused telephone calls when the Client needs a key question answered.) This feature is mostly asynchronous and the Coach will respond promptly within a 36 hour time frame.

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