Mentoring within Organizations


Mentoring for Organizational Success for Today & Tomorrow (MOSTT)

“Organizations that encourage and train their people in the skills of mentoring may reap their rewards as long as those people are employed there. Organizations often benefit from their investment in mentoring for years, even decades, because of what has been passed from mentor to mentee and back again.” (Shea, G. 1999)
Benefits of MOSTT

1.Mentors help to manage change within the organization.

2.Mentors develop employees to maximize performance and productivity.

3. Mentees get a chance to see the big picture.

4.The organization gains a team of well rounded employees.

5.Mentoring becomes a workforce development tool, a career planning instrument and a personal enhancement asset.

6.Through mentoring initiatives an organization can target specific categories of employees for focused training and development.

7. Leaders are able to solicit ideas from the bottom up and across all organizational sectors.

8.Mentoring becomes a mechanism to speed the flow of skills, knowledge and ideas from the point of origin to where they are needed.

9.Mentoring presents an opportunity for cross-fertilization of ideas where mentors with different areas of expertise meet with mentees who have different needs, have a wide variety of skill sets and who may be different in other ways (culture, gender, ethnicity, age, etc.).

10.Mentoring offers a way to initiate employees into the leadership arena.

11. Mentoring helps the organization to develop and retain qualified employees.

Get the ‘MOSTT’

The Mentoring for Organizational Success Today & Tomorrow (MOSTT) is a five phase organizational development process which allows organizations to design, develop, implement and evaluate a mentoring program that fits the specific needs of the organization.

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