Beyond Diversity Awareness

This seminar and workshop goes beyond diversity awareness and propels participants towards cultural inclusiveness, cultural competence and empowerment in diversity situations. Participants will examine their feelings, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and actions related to culture and diversity. The intensive activities and discussions support the main objectives: Develop knowledge to reduce ignorance; Develop skills to enhance competence; Make a personal commitment to embrace inclusiveness and promote empowerment.

Pre-requisites: Participants must be willing to select at least four items:

    Open to listening to issues about culture and diversity
    Willing to discuss attitudes and differences around gender, race, sexual orientation, diversity, etc.
    Willing to examine self and personal positions
    Open to personal change
    Willing to examine information about different cultures
    Open to making a personal commitment to embrace diversity and cultural competence

Program highlights:

    Explore the costs of cultural intolerance
    Examine the ‘isms’: Racism, classism, ageism, sexism & other-isms.
    Discuss key information on different cultures
    Experience cultural encounters of different kinds: Assess how you feel and act in culturally diverse situations
    Examine what cultural competency is and what it is not
    Analyze beliefs and attitudes which perpetuate cultural stereotypes
    Discuss and explore historical issues which may underlie today’s cultural problems
    Take a thorough, confidential and very personal analysis of your own beliefs & attitudes about different aspects of diversity
    Discuss and be involved in cross-cultural communication
    Explore the barriers to understanding diversity: stereotypes, beliefs, positions & assumptions
    Examine the risks and benefits of becoming culturally competent
    Discover why it is in your own self interest to be sensitive to & embrace cultural differences
    Explore the importance of cultural inclusiveness, competence and empowerment within organizations
    Discuss and explore cultural competency skill sets and their relationship to professional and personal empowerment and performance
    Identify where you are now and how far you want to go on the journey towards cultural competence with a view to embrace cultural inclusiveness and empowerment
    Practice key steps to developing and optimizing cultural competence skills
    Discover whether or not you are willing or ready to make a commitment to increase cultural competence, embrace inclusiveness, and promote empowerment of others.

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