Coaching & Counseling Skills for Managers & Supervisors

“If you supervise others and if you are responsible for getting results from the efforts of a group of people, then you’re in charge of a team – and the team’s success depends on your ability to motivate, support, train, give feedback, and reward.”

This workshop will help you to sharpen your leadership skills and boost your team’s productivity. Learn to inspire exceptional performance from average people, get each individual’s commitment to accomplish team goals, turn conflict into opportunity for new understanding and cooperation.

Program highlights:

Discover how to build a team that gets results

Learn a step by step proven approach to move employees from ‘showing’ and ‘teaching’ to ‘coaching’

Find out how to ‘stretch’ yourself and others, and why getting out of your comfort zone is

Spend less time on discipline and conflict and more time getting the job done right

Get the tools that you need to guide your team to success

Organize your team meetings so that they are focused and productive. Keep the meeting moving – stop ‘shooting the breeze’ – end with a plan that turns talk into action

Polish your leadership skills and learn to inspire others to reach high and succeed

Become a team leader who is known for results

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