Conduct Disorders: What Works

As many as one in ten children may have a conduct disorder according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. “Conduct Disorder” is a complicated group of behaviors and emotional problems in youngsters. Children and adolescents with this disorder exhibit a persistent pattern of behavior which may involve aggression, difficulty following rules, and behaving in socially unacceptable ways. Conduct disorder is among the more difficult behavior disorders to treat. This 3 hour workshop will focus on treatment strategies that have proven to be effective.

Program Highlights:

    The importance of appropriate evaluation.
    A brief look at risk factors, behaviors and co-existing conditions.
    The one strategy, if not included, will guarantee failure. Are you using it now?
    7 Keys to effective treatment.
    Do you have what it takes to work effectively with these ‘difficult’ children?
    5 Specific techniques you can start using now!

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