Creativity, Problem Solving & Decision Making

After participating in this seminar, participants will be able to creatively solve problems and make better, more focused decisions. Participants examine how to plan, develop, and create processes, products or projects by thinking about them from different cognitive styles, logical levels, time frames and perceptual positions. Participants also learn a “new” technical, creative and problem solving process that they actually apply to a specific problem during the workshop.

    Defining decision making, problem solving and creativity;
    Examining your current, decision making, creative processing and problem solving styles;
    Using questions to stimulate creativity & problem solving;
    Removing obstacles to creative thinking;
    Breaking the rules and challenging the obvious;
    Examining what is an effective decision making strategy;
    Brainstorming, visioning and other techniques;
    The process to embrace: The Five Archetypes of Creativity & Problem Solving;
    Seven styles and types to avoid;
    Eight keys to problem solving success;
    Discussing the concepts of logical levels and time frames;
    Shifting your perspectives and adjusting your perceptual positions;
    Evaluating outcomes and results.

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