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SpeakTrain provides training workshops, seminars, and keynotes in both drug and violence prevention and intervention. Critical strategies for conducting drug prevention workshops and violence prevention seminars in schools and communities are provided for prevention professionals and other participants. The use of drugs is one of the most difficult problems, which our society faces. It affects all ethnic groups, all income levels and impacts all age levels. Drug and violence prevention training is the answer.


Drug and Alcohol Proof Children

If you are a parent or a teacher or other professional who works with pre-teens or teenagers, and if you want the best drug prevention resource available today, go to: Drug and Alcohol Proof Children

What would your child or student say if they were pressured to use drugs? How long could they withstand the constant negative peer pressure and bullying to use drugs or get involved in other delinquent activities?

Get the information you need to help them “say no” now!

Designed for parents, teachers and prevention professionals!

Find out how you can get the critical information that can be used to “Drug and Alcohol Proof Children”. Teachers and other prevention professionals can use this information as they work with pre-teens and teenagers in classrooms, special programs, after-school activities, or working with parents. It will help you because of the eighty chapters with hundreds of strategies and techniques, resources, links to online resources, a comprehensive list of state by state resources, references and a general bibliography. Visit: Drug and Alcohol Proof Children

Teachers and other professionals can use it as a resource guide as they conduct training workshops or seminars in drug education and substance abuse prevention. Visit: www.prevent-drug-abuse.com

Both the legal and illegal use of drugs have negatively affected children’s education, parent effectiveness, family cohesiveness, job productivity, and the quality of life of many in our society. Drug prevention training for teachers, social workers, school and community psychologists and prevention professionals has been proven to be key in addressing the problems of both school and community based drugs and violence. The impact on co-workers, friends and family can be very severe through incidents of workplace violence and accidents, thefts, vandalism, automobile accidents, road rage, spousal abuse and violence, and child abuse. Drug prevention is everyone’s business. Violence prevention is everyone’s concern.

Several different training programs are available: Drug Prevention in the Workplace; Making Schools Safe & Drug Free; School-based Violence Prevention; How to “Drug and Alcohol Proof Your Child”; And, Workplace Violence Prevention. Programs can be delivered as 60 minute keynotes, conference breakout sessions, 3 hour workshops, one day format, or three day prevention certification training.

Seminar Program Highlights:

  • What you don’t know about drug prevention can hurt your efforts to help teens! Get the inside secrets from the “real prevention experts”! Successful teachers, successful parents of successful teenagers, and from successful teenagers themselves!
  • Why teachers and other school staff are the best persons to provide drug and violence prevention training to students.
  • How teachers can integrate drug prevention information or into their regular curriculum activities.
  • Recognize the most critical signs and symptoms of alcoholism and addiction.
  • Understand the high cost of lost productivity, absenteeism, sick days, poor performance levels, and poor levels of quality due to alcoholism and other drug use.
  • Why you should avoid using recovering drug addicts, former drug pushers and ex-offenders in your prevention programs!
  • Learn how to stop enabling problem drinkers.
  • Explore the various risk & resiliency factors which are at work at your job, school, or in your community.
  • Understand the differences between primary prevention, secondary prevention and tertiary prevention.
  • Explore why drug prevention training and violence prevention training is important at the school and community levels.
  • How to educate parents about drug prevention.
  • Why social skills training is the most important strategy to use!
  • What you must know about DARE before you dare to implement it!
  • Discuss why scare tactics and drug education (such as DARE) by themselves are not effective.
  • Break through denial and get alcoholics and users of other drugs to seek treatment.
  • What is role rehearsal and why it’s dangerous if not implemented properly in prevention training and workshops!
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of Adult Child of an Alcoholics and what that might mean for you and your organization.
  • Develop and implement a program to assist employees with drug and alcohol problems.
  • Understand why you must establish a “No Use Policy” or “Zero Tolerance Policy”, and why the first persons to comply must be top executives, managers and other administrative officers.
  • Develop and implement specific activities and programs, which will help employees and students to remain drug-free.

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