High Impact Communication Skills

Learn how to make an “emotional connection” with others to truly hear what they are saying; Get points across quickly and precisely; increase confidence when speaking in public; Cut down on the verbal and emotional friction at work and at home.

Program highlights:

Increase your verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Learn to “read” persons through their body language, voice tone, eye movements, breathing patterns, etc.

Learn to listen to the total message

Handle conflicts, arguments and disagreements like a pro

Use your new skills immediately to motivate and persuade others

Learn to “match, pace and lead” those with whom you communicate

Use “verbal self defense” techniques; How to act when you feel attacked

Practice your new skills every time you communicate

Handle difficult people more easily

Clearly articulate your needs, opinions and feelings so that you will not be misunderstood

Communicate to make the right verbal, visual and vocal impact

Add power and impact to the words you speak

Learn to be effective in any group or situation

Motivate other people to give you the information or support you need

Make powerful presentations at meetings and training sessions

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