Leadership Excellence Through Coaching Others

This program is designed to elevate seasoned executives as well as high-potential managers and employees beyond their current level of leadership effectiveness so that they can produce breakthrough results for their staff, their organizations and themselves.

The most effective leaders understand that a key to meeting organizational challenges lies in the development and empowerment of themselves and their employees. Leaders who use coaching as one of their leadership tools or practices are more effective in aligning individual goals with organizational objectives, communicating effectively with others and initiating actions that generate highly successful results.

The program provides participants with the tools to become effective, powerful, positive and self-generative leaders, and to foster a collaborative, success-focused and coaching-based leadership culture within their organizations.

Program Objectives

Leadership Excellence Through Coaching Others  provides participants with key tools which will help them to:

  • Gain success in building and deepening relationships within and across their organizations that will support employee, stakeholder and partner engagement;
  • Begin the process of fostering a continuous learning and development culture within their organization, and supporting increased collaboration and performance;
  • Achieve breakthrough results for themselves, their staff, their organizations, and their communities.
  • Begin to quickly see an increase in team productivity, performance and accountability and improving retention and engagement; and
  • Be a part of the development of a community of like-minded leaders within CARICOM Countries who share a passion for their own development and the development of others.

Program Outcomes

Leadership Excellence Through Coaching Others  is designed to help leaders integrate the best practices of the most effective leaders into their everyday leadership practices. Through this workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Develop greater sensitivity and awareness of their emotional intelligence;
  • Generate bigger thinking, fresh ideas and new possibilities;
  • Focus themselves and their teams on the things that really matter;
  • Get (and keep) people excited, motivated and engaged;
  • Inspire, influence and enroll others for improved performance and productivity and enhanced creativity and empowerment;
  • Communicate more effectively and build listening skills;
  • Have the difficult conversations, resolve conflicts and build accountability;
  • Reduce their levels of stress and enhance their confidence and well-being;
  • Become more emotionally competent and intelligent;
  • Build positive and supportive working relationships
  • Develop a more self-sufficient team; and,
  • Use the coaching tools and skills learned in this training to conduct developmental, motivational, and non-performance oriented coaching sessions with staff.