Less Stress – More Success

Learn skills that will help to change the way you respond to stress. Manage stress and keep energy levels high all day. Focus on stress reduction and burnout. Have less stress and more success in all of your endeavors. Learn mediation and relaxation exercises. Stress management exercises helps you to stop procrastinating, improve concentration and focus, maintain composure under difficult circumstances, make better decisions under pressure and enhance performance on the job and at home.

Program highlights:

Is it your pressures and stressors… or how you respond to them? This is the critical starting point of this seminar!

Discover the link between managing procrastination and managing stress

Recognize signs that indicate serious stress levels and learn to change the way you respond to your pressures and stressors.

Discover the link between stress management and lowering your blood pressure, preventing cancer, preventing heart disease and neutralizing depression

Learn how stress kills: Explore the details!

Safeguard yourself from too much burnout and distress and learn how to have less stress in your life.

Explore the relationship between change and stress: learn to become change-skilled and practice how to relax under difficult conditions;

Let go of old habits and lower stress levels

Uncover hidden sources of stress in your life and learn how to neutralize stress reactions.

Practice relaxation exercises to rejuvenate your life and increase your energy

Learn to avoid bringing job stress home

Use your energy wisely to neutralize damaging stress responses.

Learn easy-to-use tips and strategies that you can use right away for relaxation

Rehearse step-by-step techniques to defeat negative responses to stressors.

Manage problems with less anger, frustration, fear and anxiety

Practice different types of meditation to improve memory, creativity, concentration and intuition

    Learn how to melt away stress related fatigue and tiredness

Feel refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated, revitalized and energized.

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