Managing Anger & Other Difficult Emotions



Anger kills!

Research confirms that anger and hostility is implicated in heart disease, cancer and other life threatening illnesses; Learn to neutralize and change negative feelings to gain new levels of cooperation, communicate effectively and develop better relationships.

Who is in control? Do you sometimes get mad or sad when you don’t want to? Do you get thoughts that you prefer not to have? Have you been unable to change habits that you dislike? How do you respond to sarcasm and criticism? Can you stop others from constantly pushing your “hot buttons”?

Now with this seminar, you can remain calm and clear headed; deal with feelings of being overwhelmed; Stop allowing your emotions to control you; decide what you want your attitudes and actions to be… and change them. This workshop is based on Rational Emotive Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Self Hypnosis Techniques. If you decide that you want to be in control and manage your life, this workshop is for you!


Program highlights:

  • Understand the links between stress, anger, depression and self-esteem
  • Discuss why you must commit to an “anger-free” lifestyle
  • Explore your attitude about anger and discover its origins
  • Discover the precursors of anger
  • Practice more than 15 specific techniques
  • Change anger provoking thoughts & emotions
  • Learn to handle other people who are out of emotional control
  • Discover how to use anger and other emotions to your benefit
  • Learn how to “let go!”
  • Stay in emotional control and effectively handle serious problems, conflicts and arguments.
  • Remain calm in crisis situations; be productive under pressure.
  • Act rather than react; Behave in ways that are more productive!
  • Practice forcing yourself to behave differently than how you feel!
  • Learn how to change negative thoughts and feelings into positive, powerful “I can do” attitudes and behavior.
  • Learn what which of “hot buttons” trigger negative feelings, thoughts and behavior.
  • Learn to change your feelings and keep the changes you want!

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