Nutrition for Optimum Health

Health secrets for the 21st Century

This six-hour seminar presents key information on nutrition and health gathered from worldwide research. Learn the startling revelations about the nutritional and health power of ordinary foods, herbs and vitamins. Change your nutritional habits and change your life… for the better.
How you will benefit:

Learn scientifically proven information to be healthier, look younger and feel better

Discover which key foods help to fight the most deadly diseases

Increase your levels of energy, improve mental functioning, and reduce your levels of stress… if you follow some simple guidelines

    Find out how the environment may be contributing to your health problems

Learn secrets that the skin care industry doesn’t want you to know

Develop your own balanced nutritional plan based on your needs

Plan your own fun packed exercise program

What you will cover:

What is happening in our environment, and how does it affect our health?

Other causes of ill health and stress.

The key elements of a balanced nutritional program.

Natural nutrition for the skin.

The importance of vitamins, minerals and other supplements.

Secrets of a health promoting exercise program.

Using food as medicine.

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