Peer Coaching


Learn to work with peers in motivated, inspired and committed on-the-job teams. Understand how team bonding takes place and help other team members grow to new levels of performance and maturity. Learn how skills can be shared and transferred.

Program highlights:

Discover the critical importance of peer coaching and how every employee can become an effective coach

Learn a step by step proven approach to move employees from ‘showing’ and ‘teaching’ to ‘coaching’

Find out how to ‘stretch’ yourself and others, and why getting out of your comfort zone is of maximum importance

Learn five critical elements of team building

Discuss the nine keys to highly effective communication

Explore the strategic elements of effective coaching that every employee, parent, spouse or manager must learn

Learn how to empower employees to take responsibility and find their own solutions to problems

Examine the risks and benefits of counseling employees on personal, job related problems;

Assess your own coaching abilities

    Practice the six steps to developing and optimizing your coaching ‘game plan’

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