Performance Appraisals: Getting Great Results!

How to get the best from your employees and tackle poor performance before it becomes a habit…

Effective performance appraisals add value to your organization. They motivate your top employees to do even better. And they tell under-performers exactly what is expected and how to improve.

Unfortunately, performance appraisals are often regarded as mere formalities. Reviews are sometimes skipped, or done late. Clear guidance falls by the wayside, and half hearted work goes unchallenged.

In this video-based seminar, you will follow two story lines. One involves a small business taking steps to formalize a review process for the first time. The other presents a large corporation attempting to energize an existing system. You will see two very different managers prepare for challenging review meetings – and see them apply skills that defuse tension and achieve their desired results.

You will learn

    Steps you should be taking in your appraisal process.
    The advantages of sticking to a regular schedule.
    The importance of fairness and consistency.
    The nuts and bolts of formats and record keeping.
    How to motivate your top producers and performers.
    How to deal with under-performers.
    Skills for the face-to-face review meeting.
    The value of employee feedback.
    How to deal with your own doubts, hesitations and limitations.

Performance appraisals, when well done, can help to increase productivity, resolve performance and other employee problems, and improve job satisfaction for both employees and managers.

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