Resolving Individual & Team Conflicts



Is your life affected by serious conflicts… at home? At work? How much do you contribute to the conflicts in your life? Today, much of human interaction involves unresolved conflicts, which too often lead to violence and sudden death. Conflicts provide us with opportunities for problem solving, increased understanding, better relationships and interpersonal healing.


Program highlights:

  • Identify the underlying causes of conflict
  • Discover the real issues, which are at the root of any conflict
  • Learn why conflicts happen and how to avoid them
  • Are conflicts good or bad?
  • Replace conflict with cooperation
  • Learn how to silence your inner voices so that you can really listen
  • Dealing with the emotional aspects of conflicts
  • Conflict vs. Violence: Why it is important to know the difference
  • Learn why good communication skills (including body language) are key
  • 7 practical steps to resolving conflicts
  • Learn 5 negotiating styles
  • Develop a Win-Win conflict resolution and mediation style
  • Learn to develop inner peace and find your centered state

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