Sales Influence & Persuasion

How to Use Powerful Communication Strategies for Personal & Professional Success!
As a participant in this workshop you will learn the techniques used by Colin Powell, Anthony Robbins, Dr. Milton Erickson, Earl Nightingale, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and many of the world’s most influential and powerful leaders, marketing experts, persuasive speakers, and sales superstars that allow them to influence and persuade others!
Why should you attend this workshop?

Because you will increase your sales and win more clients!

Because you will learn how to connect with other people instantly!Because you will practice how to dissolve and neutralize communication barriers!

Because you will learn how to use powerful, hidden techniques to control the way others perceive you!

Because you will discover how to build instant charisma and instant chemistry… even with the most difficult persons. (And, they will never know what you are doing or how you are doing it!)

Because I will teach you the following scientific techniques of guaranteed influence: The Principle of Social Proof; The Rule of the Few; The Principle of Reciprocation, and several others.

The skills that you will learn in this workshop will also help you to:
1. Significantly improve your relationship with customers, co-workers, supervisors, friends and family members;

2. You will gain an (unfair) advantage over others (including your boss);

3. Remove some of the obstacles to effective presentation skills;

4. Communicate better, with more power, more skill and with better results;

5. Be very persuasive, influencing and building rapport with people as you easily overcome their resistance in a way that you never have before;

6. Be empowered to communicate with high impact!

Here are some of the topics:

Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Representational Systems (I did part of my doctoral thesis on this subject);

Eye accessing cues; Look at their eyes and know…

The Mirroring/Matching Process; How to connect at the level of the physiology with their unconscious minds; (They won’t have a clue!)

Anchoring and other powerful strategies;

Persuasion Engineering: The powerful techniques of Richard Bandler;

The Practice of “Influencing” – scientific strategies that the greatest salesmen, motivational speakers, winning negotiators, and world leaders use to achieve and maximize their success;

    You will learn techniques that you can use every minute of everyday – whether you are communicating with yourself – or with others!!!

This is a workshop:
1. Brief lectures;

2.Plenty of small group work in twos, triads and quads;

3. Bring your colleagues and team members and work together;

4. All techniques will be demonstrated first – and then you will practice them right there in the session;

5. Come prepared to learn and Just Do It!

Because of the powerful things you will learn, this one day hour workshop is worth thousands of dollars to you. I learned these techniques from the developers of some of the strategies; In order to be certified as a Master Practitioner in these two areas (Hypnosis and NLP), I attended over four hundred hours of training and supervision; I bought and read over 125 books on the subject; I purchased 30 videos and 70 audio tapes presented by the world’s greatest exponents of these techniques including Richard Bandler, Dr. Milton Erickson, Connie-Rae Andreas, Sue Knight, Joseph O’Connor, Robert Dilts and Anthony Robbins. I have been trained at the top sites in the U.S. including NLP Comprehensive in Boulder, Colorado where I also served as an assistant trainer for their Train the Trainer Workshops!

Because this workshop can change your personal and professional life if you apply just one of the techniques, it can be worth thousands of dollars to you. If you are in sales or deal with customers, and you apply some of these techniques well and consistently, your company can quickly have major returns on this minor investment in you.

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