Self-Esteem Building

Unleash the power of super self-confidence, self-appreciation, self-image, self-reliance and self-direction in your life; Release that drive to win and conquer adversity and obstacles; Tap into the super-positive, dynamic force within you.

Program highlights:

How high is your self-esteem? The answers may surprise you!

Six vital ingredients of self-esteem.

Important strategies that deal with your personal fears!

Identity – Who are you? Are you really satisfied with the answer!

Increase your knowledge of what makes you happy and develop your “happy triggers”.

Heal negative events or memories – rather than trying to ignore or forget them.

Involve yourself in activities (at work and at play), which make use of your strengths.

Develop mastery over the events in your life: create the positive developments and prevent negative events.

How to rest often and re-energize.

Connect with others; develop a sense of community; establish networks and links to others.

    Cultivate an appreciation for small everyday pleasures in life.

Be involved in spiritual activities; develop faith, hope and inner peace; Learn which activities are most helpful!

Learn to count your blessings let them empower you.

Learn powerful techniques to build children’s self-esteem.

Practice the power of positive self-talk, visualization and self-hypnosis!

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