Success At Work



This workshop will present strategies for building self-esteem at work and will motivate participants to breathe new life and energy into their workday. The workshop will feature powerful techniques, metaphors and stories to nourish your heart, your mind and your soul.


Program highlights:

  • Build your self-confidence
  • Develop high levels of personal power and optimism
  • Empower yourself and your co-workers
  • Understand your job role and its relationship to the overall mission of your organization
  • Refresh and reawaken your spirit at work
  • Become more focused and goal oriented
  • Increase your productivity and performance
  • Develop more clarity and sense of purpose on the job – and in life.

What You Will Cover

  • Strategies for building positive self-esteem – on the job
  • Stories, testimonies and inspirational revelations
  • Developing a work ethic: Professionalism, integrity and personal responsibility
  • Using change to your advantage
  • Defining and finding success at work
  • Using spiritual values at work
  • Brief stress reduction techniques
  • How to find and live your mission while fulfilling the organizational goals.

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